Legends of Punk vol.3

News of the week – LOP vol. 3 (Varukers)…

Dear friends, after the pandemic turmoil, we come back to you with episode 3 of our documentary series about legendary punk rock bands, who started their careers on the stage in the 70s of the twentieth century.

In the next two episodes we introduce the documentary filmmaker Jyrki “Spider” Hämäläinen, a Finnish music journalist, associate of our beloved Vive Le Rock and author of the biography Killing Joke: Are You Receiving?.

During the upcoming Chimpy Fest, we’ll be doing the missing interviews with Varukers and later this month we’ll be visiting Nottingham for a closer look and reminiscing about old bikes. We hope to release Legends of Punk vol. 3 at the turn of the year, but start shipping after the Christmas chaos at the post office. It was very helpful for us to speed up the production process and planning our other projects to help sell vol.2, but for various reasons delivery was delayed or worse (Brexit chaos at the borders meant that 80 parcels did not reach the addressees, so we had to resend them, of course).

Well, all this aside… I hope that we can do something together to control the budget of the entire Legend Of Punk series!  Unfortunately, this endeavour was planned as a self-financed project and must remain so by the end of the series!

Stay strong everyone and we’ll keep you updated with more developments on Legends of Punk Vol.3 and our other projects soon!

Up the Punx!