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Legends Of Punk Vol.2 – GBH​

Limited edition DVD & BluRay release, documenting the history British Punk Rock stalwarts – G.B.H.
Early 1980s and GBH were amongst the top tier of British punk rock elite. Knocking on the door of the UK top 40 and playing some iconic music venues.

40 years later, the band still play to healthy sized crowds the world over.  On the edge of an anniversary world tour – the planet is put into lockdown.

This DVD covers the band’s entire history, in their own words, from rehearsing in Boring John’s bedroom to having a pandemic shutdown their world tour by way of Mexican stage invasions and missed planes. Fly on the wall walkthroughs of Birmingham city centre and a no bullshit chat with all four of the band – including a pandemic special with Ross.

Covers&Inserts made by Kordian Michalski
Exclusive limited edition release!
Each box set includes 2 discs (DVD + BluRay), packaged with an exclusive poster,
6 hi-res picture postcards and a pack of 10 stickers!  


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Credits: Executive Producer: Artur ‘Tutek’ Piech
Producers: Stuart Newman, Kordian Michalski, Alex Lyng
Documentary edit, direction and sound: Stuart Newman
Live performance editor: Ell Bobin
Sound engineering – Stuart Newman
Graphic Art / DVD Authoring: Kordian Michalski
Cameras: Artur ‘Tutek’ Piech, Stuart Newman, Leszek Halasa, Maja Wandal, Sara Komaiszko.

Dedicated to the memory of Mickey Coyle – RIP Bro.

Special thanks to: The Boston Arms, The Migraines & Dublin crew, Fuk Reddin Fest & T.Chances crew, No Future Festival, 100 Club & Resolution Festival Crew.

Special thanx to: The Boston Arms,The Migraines&Dublin crew, Fuk Reddin Fest&T.Chances crew, No Future Festival, 100Club & Resolution Festival Crew.

© GBH / Lostdataproductions 2020


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