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Legends Of Punk Vol.3 – Varukers

Legends of Punk returns with the 3rd installment featuring the Varukers. One of the most enduring and resilient UK82 style punk bands. 

Through their evolution and blending of Hardcore, D-beat and Crust punk have developed a global following which still goes strong to this day as they continue to lay waste to stages across the UK, Europe and beyond!

 Covers&Inserts made by Kordian Michalski & Anastasia Zisopoulou

Exclusive limited edition release!
Each box set includes 2 discs (DVD + BluRay), packaged with an exclusive poster, 6 hi-res picture postcards and a pack of 10 stickers!


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Executive Producer: Artur ‘Tutek’ Piech
Co-Producers: Stuart Newman, Kordian Michalski, Alex Lyng
Interviews: Stuart Newman, Jyrki “Spider” Hämäläinen, Jess Smith, Jenny Gallagher, Artur ‘Tutek’ Piech

Cameras: Artur ‘Tutek’ Piech
Documentary edit, direction : Ell Bobin
Live performance editor: Ell Bobin
Sound engineering – Stuart Newman
Graphic Art: Kordian Michalski
DVD Authoring: …  

Special thanks to: The Boston Arms & AWOD Crew, 100% Punk Rockers crew & T. Chances crew, Robak Punk, South London Punk Collective & The Unicorn Camden,100 Club & Resolution Festival Crew.

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