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Legends Of Punk Vol.4 – The Exploited

Limited edition DVD & BluRay release, documenting the history British Punk Rock stalwarts – The Exploited.30 years on from the eminent Exploited documentary, Rock & Roll Outlaws, we catch up with one of punk’s most controversial, unapologetic and enduring bands for an all-access look on and off stage.

This intimate portrait of one of punk’s most dangerous acts is filmed across an entire year and goes behind the scenes with the current lineup, chatting openly with iconic frontman Wattie Buchan.

Credits To Pascal Rambout

His uncompromising insights reflect candidly on health struggles, internet trolls, former bandmates and recording The Exploited’s seminal albums – from the raw raucousness of Punk’s Not Dead to the politically charged Fuck The System.

Covers & Inserts designed by Kordian Michalski (R.I.P.) / Live! Pictures, graphic adaptations & Mock-ups: @AnastasiaZisopoulouPhotography

Exclusive limited edition release!
Each box set includes 2 discs (DVD + BluRay), packaged with an exclusive poster,
5 hi-res picture postcards and a pack of 10 stickers!


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Credits: Executive Producer: Artur ‘Tutek’ Piech
Documentary edit, direction and sound: Stuart Newman
Live performance editor & colorist: Ell Bobin
Sound engineering – Stuart Newman
Graphic Art / DVD Authoring: Kordian Michalski
Live! Photography – @AnastasiaZisopoulouPhotography
Cameras: Artur ‘Tutek’ Piech, Stuart Newman, Kasia Neumueller, Pawel Polak

Dedicated to the memory of Kordian Michalski, Rest in Power Brother!

© GBH / Lostdataproductions 2020


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