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November 2022 will be the 10th anniversary of my first UK gig shoot at the legendary, now defunct TheGrosvenor venue in Stockwell, South London. The then home of London punk. I’ve been out almost every week since filming punk rock and underground concerts – all over the UK.

Promotor: Robak Punk

From that modest, wobbly single camera ‘amateur’ start, technology allowed me to quickly and affordably develop a single-handed multi-camera production process that gave professional results which could be edited later in a more creative fashion.

In 2014 Lost Data Productions was founded, with the addition of GFX and editing skills of Kordian Michalski from Poland. Whilst the actual footage was not always of perfect lighting and framing, Kordian’s editing and GFX techniques gave it a shine that made our works stand out from the generic single camera phone footage that clogs up social media channels.

The addition help of several others allowed me (and my almost non-existent English language skills) to get online and begin publishing the footage – DIY style. Thank you Shelby Colt [The Gallowgate Murders], Alex Lyng [RitesDeHadda] and Stu Newman [Underclass UK] also big thanks to Teo [Overload], Sara Koko & Karolina [MyBaby]. You are legends! 

Through the generous nature of the London punk scene’s promoters, bands and ‘media’, we began to film relentlessly, capturing many, many bands – a lot of who just disappeared after a single EP. Amazingly, most of these bands would resurface shortly after as a promoters or record labels, or other bands. The love of the music and the scene came before everything and was hugely inspiring. We got out of London and filmed all over the country, witnessing similar underground DIY scene wherever we would go.

Covid interrupted the continuous recordings. But every cloud has a silver lining and this time allowed me to do an inventory of the video recordings and take a snapshot of where we were at.From the massive collection of street level gigs and bands we’d shot we created two episodes of a mini documentary inspired by Stuart Neman’s 1999 ‘StreetPunk The Movie’. ‘StreetPunk The Series’ turned out better than good, mainly due to the inspired editing by Teo from StreetPunk band, Overload, and some in depth interviews conducted by Sara Koko.

During the pandemic, we released ‘Legends Of Punk V.2 GBH’ and finally completed the edit of ‘V.3 The Varukers’  (thanks to recordings by the wonderful Jessie Smith and Jenny Gallagher, you are legends!). ‘V4 The Exploited’ is in post-production as we speak….

We’re trying to document everything that we’ve witnessed in that 10 years – but time is our enemy!

The music played by the English bands upon my arrival here shocked me. I had never heard such a raucous punk rock sound – or been to such a punk place as The Grosvenor, and this will be featured in a future memoir with photo and video accompaniment.

The Grosvenor, South London 2012
The 100Club, West End London 2017
The Boston Arms, North London 2013

Our website – our BASE! – is dedicated to everyone in the punk scene – from the independents and DIY’ers to the established acts who are better known. We will be adding a lot of content here, much more often than in the past – so keep your eyes open.

If you want to be involved in LDP in some way, please send an email, stating what skills you have.

And last, but not least, It’s the one year anniversary of a project called PRINTSHOP.

Printshop produces band and brand merchandising and was created to financially subsidise our film productions. Making video productions cost money, quite a lot of money. By giving us the job of creating your band merchandise, you are helping us to continue filming and documenting a world that otherwise will pass by unnoticed by those outside of it.