Legends of Punk - the series

LOP VOL.3 Varukers Bonus Content What drew You to punk?

Hiya peeps,

Hope you’ve been doing alright!

Here we are again with a warm invitation to participate in the pre-sale of the Varukers vol 3 in the Legends of Punk series as well as subscription to YT, FB and Insta. Reserve a copy of it now for the reduced price of £15 plus P&P. Box set includes 2 discs, an exclusive foldout poster with 6 snaps and a pack of 10 stickers.

check it out!

To encourage you even more we’ve got this short clip of the Varukers that have never been published before as we’ve got hours and hours of interviews with the band but unfortunately not all of this could make it into the final edit.

Some of the shots were taken during gigs in 100 Club, New Cross Inn, the Boston Arms, the Underworld, T-Chances, Deptford park, Kevs and Biffs place. Some of you probably have been to those places many times so have a closer look while watching so maybe you will be able to spot some of your mates or even yourselves going crazy like shit in the pit haha

You may ask why we are still going on like that filming, making clips and interviewing those guys. The answer is one! Punk isn’t dead and never will be.

Stay put and see you around! Much love,

Tutek and  Lost Data Production Crew