Legends of Punk - the series

Legends Of Punk Vol.3 Varukers Bonus stuff 1. How has advancement in technology changed punk?

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Just writing with a few little updates about our beloved the Varukers haha We’ve got some unpublished material that never was included in the original documentary. I don’t really understand why because it’s fucking awasome lol anyway we would love to share it with you! Here you go then! And enjoy for more to come. It’s again Rat, Biff,  Kev and Les that makes an introduction into a short film about them, music, being drunk and music again  that is about to fly straight to you from our den.

How has advancement in technology changed punk ?

Cool so….. this is a good time to mention the presale, that it is very average atm which in turn prevents us from sending the whole thing to production despite the finished work on the material.  We will do our best to encourage people to participate in the pre-sale, at the same time we encourage you to share this information with your friends in your circle.  For those who are already very curious about what will be on dvd / blu-ray we have to offer raw versions of the concert and document in digital version.

Fun facts peeps.  I’ve never told you that I’ve been running 3 years after these bastards to complete 40 mins documentary as Biff never wanted to do any interview in his life and Kev agreed to see me in 10 minutes when I was passing nearby and thought I could have possible have a bit of luck to have a quick chat as he’d been always busy or away. So yeah please find attached a few clips that have been only available in SD so far. This is only a foretaste of what will soon be in your homes if you decide to add to our modest budget and participate in the publication of all material.

We just need to turn it up even more and make it fun with a lot of great music as well as some history and genesis of 80’s punk. So keep your eyes peeled and let us know who you want to see next as we guarantee to have hundreds of hours of music being stored on our 20 hard drives waiting for its turn to see the daylight.

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