Rebel Riot – Myanmar/Burma Punk

The Rebel Riot is a punk band from Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), formed in 2007 after the onset of the Saffron Revolution. Since then they have captured the worlds attention with their outspoken music and put their ideals into action by feeding Burma’s homeless with their Food Not Bombs project.

During the Rebel Riot‘s 2017 visit to the UK, Lost Data Productions were lucky enough to catch them and get some great footage of them live.

Some of the live footage and audio we captured of this monumental visit has contributed to the No Spicy No Fun documentary about the band, the debut production of Punk Ethics.

More info: https://lostdataproductions.uk/news-of-the-week-world-premiere-of-rebel-riot-in-the-uk-documentary/

No Spicy No Fun: Rebel Riot in the UK
A film by Roberta Bononi and Kim Ford
Cast: Kyaw Thu Win, Oakar Aung, Zarni Muang Maung, Nyan Lin
Producer: Jay Kerr
Camera Operator: Kim Ford
Editor: Roberta Bononi
Animator: Amitay Leopold
Colourist: James M.H. Wong
Sound Designer and Mixer: Michele Bianchin
Sound Mixer: Ben Taylor
Additional Footage: Ross Double, Ko Nyan Lin, Lost Data Productions
Live Sound Recordist: Thomas McGowan, Lost Data Productions
Additional Editor: Kim Ford

Also check out No Sweat‘s – Myanmar Solidarity campaign: https://nosweat.org.uk/myanmar-solidarity/

More info about The Rebel Riot: https://therebelriot.bandcamp.com/