The Warriors

Song – Skinhead Blues
Artist – The Warriors
Recorded at the Boston Arms by www.LostDataProductions.uk – taken from Streetpunk – The Series – Episode 1: Do or Die
Originally released on the “Lucky Seven” album by Step1 Music in June 2017

Streetpunk/oi! from London

The Warriors, established in 1981
Saxby on vocals,
Russ on bass,
Dave and Andy on guitar
Chris on drums.

email: warriors_hq@hotmail.co.uk

Skinhead Blues lyrics:
His Dr. Martens are covered in shit
His Fred Perry got a hole in it
His Levis jeans are smeared with sick
And all his mates think is a prick

He’s working class and he wears a hat
He’s lost his front teeth in a scrap
His mother still get in a bit of a flap
And his football team are still playing crap

Hey babe, have you heard the news
He’s got the skinhead blues

Taken from Streetpunk – The Series – Episode 1: Do or Die
Produced & Filmed by Tutek Chech
Edited & Directed by Teo Overload
Graphic Design by Kordian Michalsky
Crew: Alex Lyng
Sarah Black
Oliver Ward
Eva & Mark from Radioactive Rats

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