Shot! “Crawlback” from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

Politically distressed/Pissed up Punk Rock n’ Roll from the hard knock pits of London, SHOT‘s track “Crawlback” from their 2nd release The Masquerade Of Wolves 7″ EP released in 2016 on A World We Never Made, Bloodbath Records, Grow Your Own Records, MASS PROD, Riotska Records, Shout Out Records, Steel Town Records and TNS Records. Much heavier and harder than before, their last release before their untimely demise in 2017 manages to encapsulated the anger and contempt this band have towards the state.

Shot! – live at Trespass 2: Stop The Garden Bridge – 17th September 2016 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

Footage of the 2nd Trespass gig on the beach of the River Thames, to protest the Garden Bridge – 17th September 2016.

Go to our Cooperation page, to view the full documentary Trespass #2: Stop The Garden Bridge

Featured in the Cooperation page, here are is Shot appearing at Pride Punx

Queer As F*ck Vol.1 – Pride Punx

Exclusive video footage for Pride Punx first compilation album Queer As F*ck Vol.1.
The compilation features 22 RAGING Pride Punx anthems, with exclusive unreleased tracks from The Dub Righters, Poisonous C*nt, Jakal, DTA, Young Francis, The Minor Discomfort Band, Gurgle, Kill B*tches To Dress Foxes, Werecats, Left For Dead
Plus classic / released tracks from: The Restarts, Wonk Unit, Vodun, Shot!, Rotten Foxes, Pints, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, Atterkop, Spoilers, The Fleas, Miserable Wretch, Erege.

Not available in any f*cking shops!
Grab a copy at your local punk rock show, or visit www.facebook.com/pridepunx and get in touch!

More info on Shot! here: shotpunx.bandcamp.com/