Also check out videos from the bands we’ve worked with here!

Rites of Hadda – The Revolution And My Love

Live video from London’s very own anarcho-pagan-psychedelic-witchpunk band Rites of Hadda’s filmed at The Gunners pub in north London in November 2017. Filmed on multiple cameras by Tutek / LostDataProductions and produced by Jack Latimer.

Hear the studio version of The Revolution and My Love on their 2018 release Witchpunk.

Rites of Hadda – Paths of Orchids

Live at The Gunners in November 2017. Footage by LostDataProductions and produced by Jack Latimer.

Hear the studio version of Path of Orchids on their 2018 record Witchpunk

Queer As F*ck Vol.1 – Pride Punx

Exclusive video footage for Pride Punx first compilation album Queer As F*ck Vol.1.
The compilation features 22 RAGING Pride Punx anthems, with exclusive unreleased tracks from The Dub Righters, Poisonous C*nt, Jakal, DTA, Young Francis, The Minor Discomfort Band, Gurgle, Kill B*tches To Dress Foxes, Werecats, Left For Dead
Plus classic / released tracks from: The Restarts, Wonk Unit, Vodun, Shot!, Rotten Foxes, Pints, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, Atterkop, Spoilers, The Fleas, Miserable Wretch, Erege.

Not available in any f*cking shops!
Grab a copy at your local punk rock show, or visit www.facebook.com/pridepunx and get in touch!

Underclass UK – Always Darkest Before The Dawn

Probing into the mind of the manically depressed and borderline suicidal, this opening track from Underclass UK‘s new album, Rip Your Face Off, was produced at Perry Vale studio, by ex-Vibrator, Pat Collier, with the video shot at The Camden Unicorn by Lost Data Productions.

Black Sixteen – Drown

Live video footage for Black Sixteen‘s video for 2017 track Drown.

Trespass #2: Stop The Garden Bridge

Footage of protest gig on the beach of the River Thames to protest the Garden Bridge – 17th September 2016. Featuring Mark Thomas, Conflict, The Restarts and Shot!

Film by Kim Ford and Ross Double – Leaf Films.

Pride Punx – This Is Unity Music

A film by Kim Ford, Ross Double and Artur Piech.
Leaf Films and Lost Data Productions 2016.

Hated and proud – Jenny Woo

Randale Records

Guitar Slingers – The Hitcher

Guitar Slingers‘ track The Hitcher out on album “Carnevil of Souls” on Diablo Records

Guitar Slingers – The Fly with the X-ray Eyes

Guitar Slingers‘ track The Fly with the X-ray Eyes out on album “Carnevil of Souls” on Diablo Records

Jennie & the Slingers – Pink Cadillac

Jennie & the Slingers track Pink Cadillac taken from the album “Tales Of The Unexpected” available on Diablo Records