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Street Punk The Series from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

Premiere video for Street Punk the Series – featuring interviews with Steve Whale of The Business, Roi Pearce of Last Resort and Sebi of Stomper 98.
Footage taken at London’s the 100 Club, London on at the tribute gig for Micky Fitz, organised by Human Punk – 21st December 2019

Old Firm Casuals + Grade 2 + Knock Off + Rats Nest @ the Dome – 16/02/19

Global Parasite, Flowers of Flesh and Blood and Tropical Nightmare live at the Unicorn, Camden – 13th July 2016 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

The Unicorn Camden Live! Episode 666 – 13th July 2016 FOFAB presents Global Parasite Flowers of Flesh and Blood Tropical Nightmare

The Casualties live at Black Heart, London 06/02/19 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

Live from their 2019 “Written in Blood” tour, legendary NY street punks the Casualties hit Camden’s own Black Heart on 6th February 2019, totally smashing it with UK heavy-weights Sick on the Bus, Blatoidea and Unquiet Dead.

Starting with support openers the goth/industrial sonic explosion of Unquiet Dead, this duo get the crowd moving as anticipation already starts to rise for the headliners.

Jumping straight in after we have the hard-hitting mayhem of London’s very own Blatoidea! And things get heavy as the punters go absolutely mad to their opening tune “Without Warning”.

Next up another legendary punk rock outfit Sick on the Bus. With 30 years under their belt this year, Sick on the Bus absolutely smash it while the crowd is slamming in this tight sweaty venue. Little can be said about this band that hasn’t already been said, check it out for yourselves!

And finally the Casualties are up and the crowd are in for an absolute blinder! Tension’s at its highest after a procession of great bands, and the ceiling is already dripping with sweat, beer and blood! (probably)

Opening with “Feed Off Fear” (a newbie for a band with such a long history – this track off of their 11th and latest studio album “Written in Blood”, released late 2018) the crowd go f*%king bat-sh!t crazy!

Next up and following a cry of “Ugly Bastard” to cheer for the 18 year old in the crowd, the Casualties jump into the classic track “Ugly Bastards”.

Chaos ensues when they start “For The Punx”. Arguably one of the great classic punk rock anthems!Opening song and namesake of their debut album, this tune rips the crowd to shreds and reminds everyone (as if they needed reminding) why this band is so f&cking sick.

A truly legendary start to a legendary night… CHECK OUT THE REST of this footage. More than half hour of obliterating punk rock!

The Analogs at Nambucca, London 15/09/18 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

Never a band to disappoint! The best Polish street punk band in action – the Analogs at Nambucca, London! Check it out!


Czapa at Nambucca, London 15/09/18 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

Another fantastic band from Poland Czapa with their unique brand of punk-reggae-ska. Check them out!


The Exploited Live! at The Underworld, London 11th March 2018 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

Hardcore Punk legends live at The Underworld, London. Encore tracks: Sex & Violence, Maggie, Punks not Dead and Was it Me.

The Dub Righters Live! at London Pride, London 08th July 2017 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

The Dub Righters are a ruff and ready, irie as fuck punky reggae trio from Babylondon Town. Playing the finest in Reggae/ska/dub/roots with some hip hop and soul amongst other stuff. For fans of the one foot skank and brandishers of gun fingers.

We may get angry, run riot and lose our minds, but it all comes from a place of love.
We are PRIDE PUNX, and we’re a loud as hell voice in the Pride in London Parade people’s celebration of love, freedom and acceptance.

Pride Punx is a non-profit community group made up of people from the sprawling UK punk rock scene, and anyone else that wants to get involved!
We want to represent the queer punks of this world.
We want to celebrate the love and open-armed acceptance that true punk rock is all about.
We want to champion true equality, and the power of any person to stand up and be whoever they want to be.

We’ve been working hard since last year and have garnered a wealth of support, putting on various gigs and events that continue punk rock’s focus on all-inclusiveness, and help highlight the LGBT+ issues and inequalities we still see around us, whilst celebrating the parts of this journey that have already been achieved. Punk rock is queer in it’s very nature; ideologically being an anti-establishment, anarchic melting pot of non-conformists, outcasts, rascals and freedom fighters, how could it not be?!

All Pride Punx events and the float itself are entirely funded and made happen by the DIY punk rock community and our friends; fundraising through events, people clubbing together their resources, skills, time and love to achieve all of this without the help of any outside funding or larger organisations – a pure DIY ethic that showcases the strength and power of the community, and its role of activism within LGBT+ communities. Every group has the power to do this, and we promote the re-claiming of actions and celebrations at a grassroots level.

During the parade we have a gorgeous bunch of live bands on the back of a massive lorry who play their hearts out as we drive it through the centre of London as part of the parade, with a moving crowd following the bands, creating that electrifying energy that only ever comes from live music. Iconic punk legends, and important voices in the LGBT+ punk community The Restarts will be playing this year, along with some other equally brilliant bands, more info on that soon!

This means a lot to a lot of different people; punk or not, and however they choose to identify – it’s a defiant elemental stand together, as part of and in solidarity with the LGBT+ communities across the world; the under-represented, the fringe groups and the activists. There was previously no specific queer punk presence at the parade, and as music is such an important part of how people live their lives; fuelling and influencing their hearts, passions and choices, the omission of the strong musical and ideological force of punk rock left a noticeable gap, one that could only be filled one way…


Flag Live! at the Underworld, London 01st August 2016 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

“Respect. That’s the key word here. Respect to Flag for choosing to spread their London debut over two nights at the Underworld rather than spending one night in a larger venue with half the required atmosphere. And respect to the members of Flag for pretty much inventing this thing we call hardcore punk rock, and so much more.” >>> source: www.caughtinthecrossfire.com/music/live/flag-live-at-the-underworld-london/

RashDecision Live! @ TheUnicorn, ChimpyFest, London, 25th Fab 2017 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

Rash Decision were formed in Falmouth in 2006, they did the band thing for two years, had a hiatus and then came back many times the stronger in 2009. Since then, 230-odd gigs, an EP, two Splits and a full length have surfaced.
Combining Hardcore Punk with Thrash Metal tendencies, the breakneck speed you expect after reading those few words is exactly what you are left with. That and nods towards bands such as This Is Hell, Poison Idea, Municipal Waste and Black Flag, as well sections sometimes so fast, even comparisons to Powerviolence can be made.
The band released Seaside Resort To Violence back in 2014. Fourteen tracks of hard-edged, up-tempo, shredded Thrashcore/Crossover Thrash that any fans of Hardcore, Thrash or Metal even individually so, should own.” … >>>source: musicallyfresh.com/2016/02/rash-decision-seaside-resort-violenceheadstrung

Werecats Live! at T.Chances, FukReddinFest’16, London 27th August 2016 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

“Four friends formed a circle at midnight and threw their favourite things in the middle to see what would happen. The smoke cleared, and they sat down to build something new out of what was left. They wrapped melodies round spiky lumps of noise, then weaved round them tales of joy and confusion, laughter and fear, people gone bad and the dead come good. They stacked them in their dear van and brought them blinking in to the sunlight. And so here we are, we offer you our songs played with gusto, and not a little cider. We’ve been in The Pukes, The Murderburgers,The Blankheads and Soon The Darkness. We dance with dogs and pogo with zombies, come join us!”
– Werecats

Municipial Waste at The Underworld, London 16th June 2016 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

“The “Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up!” chant starts in the audience 20 minutes before MUNICIPAL WASTE come on, and keeps going throughout the performance, but the ferocious fan reaction has always been part of what makes this band so entertaining.”
source>>> www.loudersound.com/reviews/municipal-waste-live-review-london-underworld

G.B.H. Live! at The Boston Arms, London 17th July 2015 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

“I half expected the make up of the hall change a bit for GBH but fuck was I wrong. I should give people a bit more credit. There’s a lineage here between the bands that is both musical and geographical that everyone seemed to get – and besides which GBH are a damn fine live act with a slew of great songs to their name. From their sublime mini LP ‘Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne’ (surely one of the best debuts of all time – so good in fact they play every song off it again tonight) to more recent offerings including Kids Get Down off Perfume And Piss they had the place proper jumping. Those 80’s singles ‘Sick Boy’, ‘Give Me Fire’ always stand out but personal live favourites ‘Drugs Party in 526’ and ‘Generals’ always do it for me. I can’t believe it’s got to be thirty years since I saw them at the Greyhound with the English Dogs. Set closer Maniac sounding even better tonight than it did even back then. Phenomenal gig, one that you expect people to be talking about for a good while to come.”
source: www.artofthestate.co.uk/blog2/index.php/gbh-doom-coitus-split-veins-at-boston-arms-tufnell-park

Doom Live! at The Boston Arms, London 17th July 2015 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

“A look at the crowd in the now packed room gave the game away that there were a hell of a lot here to see D-beat influenced crust punks Doom. They took to the stage and immediately hit their stride, a high octane steam roller of a set leaving all in its confrontational wake. After seeing Voivod’s frontman Snake wearing a Doom shirt at their recent London gig it was nice to see a reverse compliment being payed tonight, coincidence or not. Down the front people were dancing, slamming and surfing as if this was something they’d waited for for years – and in many cases they have as Doom gigs in London are few and far between. As a salutary backdrop to the whole event the recent loss of life at a Doom concert in Santiago, Chile featured – it was great to see that this gig raised well over half a grand for the victims friends and families. Loads of classic Doom songs from ‘War Crimes’ through to ‘Corrupt Fucking System’ were cranked out at full with Exploitation being a personal favourite, the crowd loving every single second. Too many to mention here but from opener Fear Of The Future to set closer Means To An End there was no let up in their relentless onslaught. Definitely one of the best live bands out there right now which brings us on to tonights headliners….”

Sick On The Bus Live! at The Dublin Castle, London 01st April 2017 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

The Uk’s Loudest Punks >>> www.sickonthebus.com/faq.htmMore from Sick on the Bus – here!

Blatoidea Live! at The Dublin Castle,London 01st April 2017 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

Formed in 2008 in Sicily and now based in London. Thru the years Blatoidea toured all around the UK, Europe and Japan.

Code Blue Live! at The Dublin Castle,London 01st April 2017 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

Code Blue formed in 2009 and started playing gigs in and around London in 2010, releasing our self-titled EP in 2012.
We have been on hiatus since 2013, but now we are back with our brand new debut album, ‘Punks In The Streets’

KADT Live! at TheDublinCastle, London 01st April 2017 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

The Killer Airborne Disease Transmitters, or The KADT as they are more widely known are a Hardcore Punk band from Croydon, UK. They take influence from old school US hardcore, boozed up punk rock and balls to the wall crossover thrash. Lyrics are often tongue in cheek takes on death, disease and destruction, along with more important topics like beer, sex and self harm.

Grand Collapse “Though Bloodshot & Blurry” ft. Efa Supertramp from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

Grand Collapse live in Bristol – Stag & Hounds, 20/5/17 ‘Along The Dew’ Album Release.