The Varukers

Legends of Punk vol. 3 – The Varukers – On pre-sale now!

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Held as one of the all time greats of UK82, hardcore punk, d-beat / crust Legends of Punk returns with the 3rd release featuring the Varukers!

Through their evolution and several lineup changes, the Varukers have developed a global following which still goes strong to this day as they continue to lay waste to stages across the UK, Europe and beyond!

Order your copy of this exclusive, limited edition box-set now!
Featuring exclusive live footage and interviews taken across multiple venues* in the UK!

Each boxset includes 2 discs (DVD + BluRay) plus an exclusive foldout poster, 6 hi-res pics and a pack of 10 stickers!
Duration: Approx. 90 mins

Orders will be shipped out in February 2022!

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*Live footage and interviews filmed at: the 100 Club, Chimpyfest @ New Cross Inn, Another Winter of Discontent festival @ The Boston Arms, the Underworld, T-Chances (plus Deptford Park, Kev’s place and Biff’s place).

Documentary directoring: Jyrki “Spider” Hämäläinen
Producer: Artur ‘Tutek’ Piech
Co-Producer : Stuart Newman, Alex Lyng
Filming and footage by: Artur ‘Tutek’ Piech
Interviews: Jyrki “Spider” Hämäläinen , Jess Smith, Artur ‘Tutek’ Piech
Senior Editor: Ell Bobin
Live music engineering: Stuart Newman
Art Director: Kordian Michalski