Jawless is a London-based band that plays a unique blend of thrashcore metal and hardcore punk. With their music, they strive to convey not just sound, but also meaning, ideals, and brotherhood. The band comprises four members: Teresa on vocals, Jochi on guitar, Diaz on bass, and Voi on drums.

In 2019, Jawless released their debut EP, simply titled “Jawless EP.” The four-track record showcases their signature sound, with fast-paced riffs, aggressive vocals, and pounding drums. The EP received positive reviews from the metal and punk communities, earning the band a reputation for their intense live performances.

In 2020, Jawless released their second EP, “Songs For The Apocalypse.” The three-track record reflects the band’s views on the current state of the world, with lyrics addressing issues such as political corruption, societal inequality, and environmental destruction.

For Jawless, music is more than just entertainment; it’s a form of expression and a means to promote their stance. Through their lyrics and performances, the band aims to create a sense of community and inspire others to stand up against injustice.

Song  – Until Every Cage Is Empty
Artist  – Jawless
Recorded in london by Lost Data Production
Originally released on the “Jawless/Overload” split album by MMW Records in early 2019;
also featured on “Jawless EP, released November 3 2019
Streetcore/Thrashpunk from London, UK

Jawless is:
Teresa  – Vocals
Diaz  – Bass
Jero  – Guitar
Wojciech  – Drums


Let’s open all these cages
Let’s open all these cages
We gonna go and you can’t stop us
We gonna go to bring you down

Don’t use animal lives
To experiment your shit
Is not fair, is not right
We Gonna fight, we gonna fight

Let’s open all these cages
Let’s open all these cages
We Gonna go and you can’t stop us
We Gonna go to bring you down

Laboratories tests
Innocent bleeding desks
it’s time to stop this now
We gonna bring you down.

Til every cage is empty
Nothing gonna stop us

Taken from StreetPunk The SeriesThe First Episode : ‘Do or Die’
Produced & Filmed by Tutek Chech
Edited & Directed by Teo Overload
Graphic Design by Kordian Michalsky
Crew: Alex Lyng
Sarah Black
Oliver Ward
Eva & Mark from Radioactive Rats

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