Hi there! We’re excited to announce that we’ve completed the translations of a very lengthy interviews with The Exploited into four languages: Polish, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. This ensures that The Exploited’s message will be understood where they are most beloved. Huge thanks to Madalina, Marek, and Mao, as well as to ChatGPT for helping us manage this task! 🙌

After a long search, we found someone who could replace the dearly missed Kordian, the co-founder of LostDataProductions and the main graphic designer.

While searching for photos for VOL.4 The Exploited, we came across a fantastic photographer and graphic designer in one – Anastasia.
Thank you for capturing the spirit of LegendsOfPunk in your graphics and for the excellent work on the print-ready graphics for LegendsOfPunk V.3 Varukers! 

By the way, V.3 Varukers has also been translated into the aforementioned four languages! 🌍

As part of our preparations for the active promotion of LegendsOfPunk, two weeks ago we started publishing one-minute teasers from our first release, V.1 Discharge. You can find these materials on our IG and FB profiles, and today we updated the playlist on YT. 🎥

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D.I.Y. or DIE!