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Bands, fans and passionate people – here’s how you can support us! We have literally hundreds of gigs (gigabytes) of gigs (concerts) which need to be processed and published. But this takes space, takes time, it takes processing power! Any donation will go a long way to help us to survive and keep on doing what we love to do! AND it will help us to publish more of the footage we have, from the hundreds of concerts and festivals we’ve filmed… we’ve got it… on a harddrive… somewhere! (data not lost… yet) Bands! We love you! We love coming to your shows, watching, filming. But we can’t survive on love alone. The HD, multi-cam recording of your gig takes space, and it takes time. We’re happy to send you samples, but if you want full footage (edited or raw), please get in contact with us to discuss. We’re more than happy to come along to your gig if you want (we might be going there already!) and we’re happy to help you film and make your music videos! Get in touch! Any donation is appreciated! Fans! We have tonnes of footage that we’re constantly adding to our online library. No joke, there’s a huge backlog, we’re talking about hundreds of concerts and festivals, dating back to our start in 2012. Not only that, we have lots of exciting new projects in the pipeline! Become a patron on Patreon, and you will gain access to unseen footage, complete gigs, drumcam shots and more! Plus you’ll get a discount on any of our releases and merch!