Blast From The Past! Subhumans at The Grosvenor, December 2012

Credits to Ika Lesniak

Hey, I’ve got a question for you…

This poster shows my 2nd visit to The Grosvenor in Stockwell.
If I’m brutally honest, I wasn’t particularly interested in Polish AnarchoPunk, but UK? That was another story!

Subhumans were the headlining (and also the main draw for me). Hearing songs like “Micky Mouse is Dead” and “Subvert City” performed live in a small club in London? Wow, a dream come true for me! I wasn’t quite ready for it technically, but this was my chance…

Hagar The Womb were the main support that night, and also a real revelation; demonstrating that you could perform serious topics with a quasi-cabaret expression, truly remarkable.

Now, here is the question: Who was the promoter of that gig? Please let me know.

Up The Punx! T.

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