The Restarts feat. Blaine Cook @ Trespass 2 – 17th September 2016 from LostDataProductionsLive! on Vimeo.

The Restarts, a UK-based punk band, have been making music since their formation in 1995 in East London. Known for their shouty hardcore sound that incorporates elements of ska and old school punk, the band has gained a following of punk enthusiasts from around the world.

Throughout their over two-decade career, The Restarts have performed at various venues across North America and Europe, including squats, earning themselves a reputation as a band that amplifies unheard voices and fights for social causes. They have remained true to the DIY spirit of punk rock, keeping the genre alive and well.

Composed of Darragh O’Neill on drums, Kieran Plunkett on bass guitar and vocals, and Mik Useless on guitar, the band played many shows in the UK as a trio until Useless left. Alan Campbell joined the band on guitar and they recorded their System Error LP. However, Campbell’s commitment to the UK Subs caused him to leave, and in April 2003, Robin Licker from the Short Bus Window Lickers joined as the new guitarist.

The Restarts have toured extensively throughout Europe and the US, sharing stages with notable punk bands such as Born/Dead, Limp Wrist, The Accüsed, Strychnine, Dr. Know and Monster Squad. The current lineup of the band includes Kieran Plunkett on bass guitar and vocals, Robin Licker on guitar and vocals, and Jeremy Hayat on drums.

As a band based in London, The Restarts have been a force in the British punk scene for over two decades. They continue to make music that reflects their dedication to social justice and their commitment to punk.

The Restarts feat. Blaine Cook (the Accüsed, the Fartz, Toe Tag) @ Trespass 2 – 17th September 2016 More from the Restarts here: www.restarts.co.uk/ More about The Accüsed and Toe Tag here: splatterrock.com/