Iconic Brazilian HC/punk band and a driving force of the São Paulo DIY scene, Agrotóxico Taken from Agrotóxico’s 25th anniversary, below is the full gig footage taken from the Unicorn on 31st July 2018 with Agrotóxico, The Restarts and Left For Dead!


Agrotóxico is a hardcore punk band from São Paulo, Brazil that was formed in 1993. The band is made up of Jeferson on bass and vocals, Marcos on guitar and vocals, Arthur on guitar and vocals, and Pedro on drums. They are known for their politically charged music that touches on themes such as anarchism, violence, self-management, wars, and politics in general.

Throughout their career, Agrotóxico has performed in various cities in Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Bahia, Goiás, and São Paulo. They have also toured Europe five times, performing in several countries on the continent.

Agrotóxico has received coverage in numerous media outlets, including the German magazine Plastic Bomb, American magazine Maximum Rocknroll, and various punk portals such as Punk Net, Zona Punk, and Total Punk.

Their discography includes seven albums, with their first CD “Caos 1998” being released in 1998 under the independent label Red Star Recordings. In 2002, they released “Estado de Guerra Civil” and went on their first European tour. In 2003, they released “Marcas da Revolta,” a split album with German group Rasta Knast. In 2004, they released “Third World Jihad,” a split album with the band Flicts.

Throughout their career, Agrotóxico has toured Europe several times, performing in countries such as Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands. In 2007, they released “Libertação,” which was released in Brazil and Germany. In 2009, they released “Pelos Escombros,” a box set that includes a live CD and a documentary about the band’s history.

Agrotóxico’s music and live performances have garnered them a dedicated following and cemented their place in the Brazilian punk scene. Their blend of punk and hardcore and their socially conscious lyrics make them a unique and important voice in the genre.

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