Bambos Fest 2017 – Day 2 – T.Chances – London 3rd June 2017 – 14 bands – live footage and interviews

Bambos Fest 2017

Day 2 of Bambos Fest 2017 – interviews and live footage.
Do One + Regret + Atomçk + Boycott The Baptist + Pizza Tramp + BKS + Clunge Plunger + Poisonous Cunt + No More Idols (Croatia) + Turbowarrior Of Steel + Terror Cósmico (Mexico) + Weed Snake (Mexico) + GYB



Do One

Day II starts viciously with drunken, merciless and in-your-face Power Violence. First show for the four piece from London. Raw, original and fuelled with all the right blast beats and breakdowns. Active since 2017 and recently released split with ETC,


Poisonous Cunt (Boss Tuneage Records, Urinyl Vinyl, Made In The Meth Lab, Hell Hath No Fury, Pumpkin Records, Passione Nera)

An earlier set and sound from one of London’s notorious Hardcore Punk bands at the moment. Raunchy misconduct, powerful riffs and screams of agony orchestrating everything in the pit from furious abandon to getting everyone naked. Active since 2017, now with Tali Clark (ex Jakal) on bass and Keith on second guitar,


Clunge Plunger (Made in The Meth Lab)

London Grind n’ Roll from members of Sewer Trench, Monad and Dograth. Apocalyptic tunage experimenting with the thrashiest highs to the sludgiest depths a punk can dream to explore. Active 2012-2017,


Pizzatramp (TNS, Plasterer Records)

Mental, thrash Skate Punk noise from Wales – Guaranteed lasting impression with mighty as fuck one-minute tunes and loads of jokes in between, igniting nothing short of carnage in the pit! Now easily one of the UK’s most powerful underground punk bands. Active since 2014,


Boycott the Baptist (Anti Pop / Typo Music Records)

Raw, violent and mercilessly touring Grindcore Punk Noise two-piece from Lincoln, UK. Take over the small stage with equal forces of negative sarcasm and manic misery. Active since 2013,


Atomçk (Grindcore Karaoke, Killing Art, Ill Neglect, Selfish Satan, 7 Degrees, Rauha Turva, Positive Cacophony, 83 Records, and more)

Eccentric, bitter and international Grindcore scene veterans from Bristol, blasting through with timeless energy and ferocious intensity. Technical, fast and uncompromising noise from a brutally wired 3-piece band to a brutally wired pit! Active since 2006,,


No More Idols (Croatia)

DIY old-school influenced, melodic Punk from Zagreb, Croatia, end the evening at the main stage with a potent and tuneful set, infused with a slight and subtle mix of fast ’77 punk and rock ‘n’ roll undertones. Active since 2013,




Loud, angry Punk from Surrey open the big stage, playing that fast UK old-school style beat with elements from crust to melodic hardcore to grunge! A Nirvana cover sets off the pit in the end. Active since 2016,



Energetic performance from old-school-style Hardcore Punk band Baptist Killing Spree from London. Fast and furious set – frantic ramblings, hard hitting riffs and pounding beats all throughout. Active since 2017,


Weed Snake (Mexico) (Concerto Records)

All the way from Mexico City, bringing you psychedelic fuelled Sludge / Stoner / Doom crossover novelty – beastly vocals echo over dark and heavy sounds blaring from the depths of rock n roll hell.


Terror Cósmico (Dark Anarchy Records)

Another innovative formation hailing from Mexico City, the much anticipated two-piece Stoner / Doom outfit command the main stage with fearless experimentalism. Dark, cosmic and terrorizing sounds as the band name so fittingly suggests. Active since 2011,


Turbowarrior of Steel

Belgium’s most Alkohölik Partymix of Crossover Thrash, Rock & Roll Punk & Singalong Hardcore, like the Beastie Boys on steroids. Active since 2012, bassist Gianni now replaced with Krevet,


Regret (Pumpkin Records, Urinal Vinyl, Never Fall Into Silence, Svoboda Records)

Hardcore Crust Punk from Bristol, features current and ex-members of Ephemeral Fetus, Bring to Ruin, Rejected, This Ends Here, Jesus Bruiser and War System. Politically charged misery with harrowing melodies. Active since 2015 and currently on an indefinite hiatus,

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